Hi! It's Mel, aka Glitz Lash Studio

I have poured my heart and soul into ensuring the consistency of these lashes, and that they would live up to my expectations. Over 4 years in the making and using only BOLD & NATURAL fibres for all my sets, I can say with assurance and excitement that they are PERFECT *cries happy tears*. It has been a lot of hard work, but I’m so excited to see it come to life.

Why offer two different fibre types?

With artistry at the forefront, we created our BOLD and NATURAL collections to design different effects within each lash set you create. The subtleties between each collection are highlighted in the overall set and appearance of the way the top outline looks.

You can use one fibre collection, the other, or mix them within the same set— wherever your lash creativity. Because at GLTR, we believe lash artistry is all about choices!

  • Natural Lash Collection

    GLTR's NATURAL Lash Collection offers a soft textured gradient towards the tip of each fibre. These tips are designed to be slightly imperfect to achieve a natural nuance in each set created.

    The NATURAL lash collection works great for artists who shimmying or rolling on the strip to create fans.

    These create softer looser spikes, giving extra texture your final lash.

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  • Bold Lash Collection

    GLTR's BOLD Lash Collection is designed with a smooth taper at the tip of each fibre, creating a denser effect. These tips are effortlessly polished to achieve a bolder subtlety to each set created.

    This lash collection is great for creating tight spikes for wet sets. Works great for all fanning methods of choice- whether you're an artist who likes to pinch (BOLD .03 pinch like magic!), shimmying, bouncing or rolling on the strip, the BOLD collection is a versatile lash collection for any lash artist.

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